Brigham || 6 Months || 7 Project


Joy. Pure joy. I am so happy to be wrapping up 7 Project with Brigham’s 6 month pictures. Seth and Justine adopted this handsome little guy in October and I have LOVED every time I have had the opportunity to capture Brigham’s and his parents’ smiles. Saturday was such a beautiful day and I can finally feel the giddiness that surrounds Spring. I never realized how much I missed green grass! Love this family. Thanks Tschetter family for the wonderful morning!

May All Glory Be to God,


Briggs-1 Briggs-2 Briggs-3 Briggs-4 Briggs-5 Briggs-6 Briggs-7 Briggs-8 Briggs-9 Briggs-10 Briggs-11 Briggs-13 Briggs-14 Briggs-15 Briggs-16 Briggs-17 Briggs-18 Briggs-19

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