Matt + Jenny || Love Session || 7 Project


Matt and Jenny wrapped up my 7 Project with this love session and let me tell you, I am in love! These two are absolutely adorable! I have been fortunate to know these two through church. Matt is the worship leader and Jenny and I have lots of great conversations about our love of teaching. These two have such a strong bond and love for Christ and I have learned so much from watching them. Their speech is a true reflection of breathing out God’s word and their love for one another is just awe-inspiring. Thanks for supporting 7 Project, Mr. and Mrs. Demoret! May all glory be to God.



Demoret-9 Demoret-10 Demoret-11 Demoret-12 Demoret-13 Demoret-14 Demoret-16Demoret-8 Demoret-17 Demoret-18 Demoret-19 Demoret-20 Demoret-21 Demoret-22Demoret-23 Demoret-24 Demoret-25 Demoret-26

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