Kappers Wedding || Jim + Tailor || Excelsior Springs, MO Wedding Photographer

JT-15I feel the closest to this particular wedding because I KNOW Jim and Tailor. They are my family. In the summer of 2011, God sent me to work for an organization called YouthWorks. It was there that God’s providence placed Jim, Tailor, Ben, occasionally Benji, and me in Logan, West Virginia. Goodness, it was hardest summer of my life. We worked, ate, slept, laughed, and cried in the same building for three months. I let my guard down for these three/four and they knew me. They REALLY knew me. They encouraged me in my walk with Christ. Even writing this… it brings tears to my eyes because I felt God’s hand and his presence in my life and the lives of the people we met in Logan.

So to photograph the marriage of Jim and Tailor is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. I remember one day in Logan when I asked Tailor if she liked Jim. I had noticed that they were always going to Walmart or out to get supplies together. It also didn’t help when the youth participants were asking as well. Tailor looked at me and said quite positively “Heck-no-techno. Not in a million years. I could never date Jim.” (I don’t remember if those were her exact words but they were to the same effect). Jim had been sick for the past week and… let’s just say that he wasn’t his normal manly self when he was sick.

I laugh now because it’s so easy to have your own plan and then realize that God has a completely different one. After the summer was over, Jim pursued Tailor. Even now after a few years of a long-distance relationship, I could not be more ecstatic about their marriage. It’s like having your brother marry you sister (but legal and not as gross). By watching Jim and Tailor’s hearts for ministry, I understood what a true servant looked liked. I complained a lot that summer but Jim and Tailor never did. They would literally sacrifice themselves everyday in hopes of living out the gospel and for that, their love for Christ is stunning. Sure enough, their wedding day was perfect.

On December 28th, they had 50 degree weather. Their intimate wedding included a hot chocolate bar, a stunning reception hall, a fun historic site, and an awesome dance floor filled with laughter and the popular “What Does the Fox Say” song. I love weddings and I get to see a lot of them but Jim and Tailor’s wedding will always be a favorite because I feel blessed to see the beginning of their relationship. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Kappers! You two will always be some of my best friends and you have given me some of my favorite memories.  May all glory be to God.

Em FlowersJT-1JT-3 JT-2DressJT-7Dress OnVeilJT-6Getting ReadyJT-9JT-8JT-10 JT-11JT-12First lookJT-13 JT-14 JT-15JT1 JT-17 JT-18 JT-19 JT-20 JT-21 JT-22Tailor JT-23 JT-24 JT-25 JT-26 JT-27 JT-28 JT-29 JT-30Programs JT-31 JT-32 JT-33 JT-35 JT-36 JT-37 JT-4 JT-5 JT-54 JT-39 JT-40 JT-41 JT-42 JT-44Shoe game JT-45 JT-46 JT-47 JT-48 JT-49 JT-50 JT-51 JT-53 JT-52Photography: Emily Davidson Photography

Reception Venue: The Montgomery Venue

Florist: Poppy and Clovers Floral Designs-www.poppyandcloverfloral.com

Baker: Sharin Sweets

Caterer: Sibler Spoons

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