Gabo + Becky || Hastings, NE Wedding Photographer


I’ve known Becky since she was a shy youth group girl in youth band. Only a couple of years later would she meet her husband. On December 14th, they made THE beautiful commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. Becky and Gabo wrote each other notes before they saw one another and it was heartwarming to watch. Their first look was full of laughter and their vows were awe-inspiring. Their wedding captured the simple but elegant feel when they held their reception in a barn. Congratulations, Becky and Gabo! May all glory be to God.


BG-2 BG-3 BG-4 BG-5 BG-6 BG-7 BG-8 BG-9 BG-10 BG-11 BG-12 BG-13 BG-14 BG-15 BG-16 BG-17 BG-18 BG-19 BG-20 BG-21 BG-22 BG-23 BG-24 BG-25 BG-26 BG-27 BG-28 BG-29 BG-30 BG-31 BG-32 BG-33 BG-34 BG-35 BG-36 BG-37 BG-38 BG-39 BG-40 BG-41 BG-42 BG-43 BG-44 BG-45 BG-46 BG-47 BG-48 BG-49 BG-50 BG-51 BG-52 BG-53 BG-54 BG-55 BG-56 BG-57 BG-58 BG-59 BG-60 BG-61 BG-62 BG-63 BG-64 BG-65 BG-66 BG-67 BG-68 BG-69 BG-70 BG-71 BG-72Photographer: Emily Davidson Photography

Ceremony: Hastings Evangelical Free Church

Reception: Zach’s Barn

Flowers: Rose Millard

Cake: Ellen Stark

All photos are under copyright and protected. Please do not steal any photos.


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