||ENGAGED|| Nate + Amanda| Kearney, NE Wedding Photographer


I met and got to know Nate and Amanda from Christian Student Fellowship and Overflow. Both are wonderful, genuine followers of Christ and they got engaged a few weeks ago. It all started in high school 5 years ago. Oh yes, these guys have been fortunate enough to walk along side each other for FIVE years! They started their journey together and that journey brought destined struggles but more importantly…blessings.

I just love this couple and who would have thought we were taking these pictures in December…in Nebraska! Goodness, this could not get any better. I’m so happy for you to finally tie the knot, Nate and Amanda!

If you would like to see the proposal…check out my friend, Parker Loghry’s, Youtube page to see it. It’s pretty neat 🙂


As always, may all glory be to God,


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