The Worst Day of Student Teaching || Saying Goodbye

Student Teaching-2Well, today was the day. Today was final day of student teaching. I have dreaded this moment since I first began my journey as a teaching candidate and I have to say that it was worse than I could have imagined.

It all started when my sweet husband woke me up this morning with the words… “Babe, it’s your last day of college. You’re done today!” I rolled over trying to keep tears from coming. I succeeded this time.

I came to school early and ready to face the day. When my cooperating teacher said, “It’s your last day! Are you excited?!” I lost it. The tears began to make their appearance and didn’t get the hint to leave until lunchtime. I was a mess. I cried when my students announced on the intercom that that it was my last day and that they’ll miss me. I bawled when my cooperating teacher surprised me by having our students write notes of thankfulness to me. I wept when I received the endless amount of notes, cards, drawings, and hugs. I was a blubbering mess.

One of the best notes I received came from a student that has a few troubles in school. He wrote

Student Teaching-1

The beautiful flowers that my husband gave me, the notes, the memories.

“I am thankful for having the absolute best teacher. I really do mean that. Most teachers don’t like me and you did. When you leave it won’t be the same. We miss you already.”

Goodness, my heart broke and tears swelled up.

What confused me the most about my tears was the fact that I didn’t understand the reason as to why I was crying. Was it the connection that I had with my students or was it the family that I gained from the staff at my school? It was, of course, both.

However, I think the main reason my sobbing continued was because I had the feeling:

“I’m not done.”

 I felt like I had so much left to do. I have to teach my students this concept still. I want to be there and know that they’re okay. I want to know more about their lives and give them the attention that so many of them may not receive at home.

I have so much respect for educators. Not only do they have one of the most rewarding jobs, but also they probably deal with these feelings every year. Perhaps it’s a good reason that I have these feelings because I don’t think I’ll ever be “done.” And when I feel those words forming in my mind someday, I hope it’s on the day of my retirement.

Thank you to all who have made this experience the best it could be and as always:

May all glory be to God.


Student Teaching-3

The studly turkey I made in my middle school arts and crafts class.


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