Tschetter Family || Welcome home, Brigham.


Oh goodness, I met Seth and Justine at church and they are an unforgettable couple. Seth owns a construction company and Justine is the Community Outreach Coordinator for our church and through their love for Christ, they have helped with several ministries such as Feed My Staving Children, Operation Christmas Child, etc. So it’s no wonder why they decided to act in obedience to God’s call on their lives.

On October 23rd, Seth and Justine flew down to Florida to eagerly meet their God-given gift. Seth and Justine adopted a handsome baby boy, Brigham. They were fortunate enough to bring him home with little complications.

And as I moved around the house to document the family in their home, a marvelous event in all of their lives, I could not help but smile at all the simple things that made this family so awe-inspiring. The hushed whispers of “sweet cheeks.” The giggles that were resulted over Brigg’s sleepy grin or coos. This family made me realize how precious our relationship with our Father is.Tschetter-16

Yes, this couple took advantage of the remarkable opportunity to have a son, take him as their own, love him through sickness and health, and ultimately show him the love of Christ so that he may one day grow in his relationship with HIM. What a beautiful picture. However, aren’t we all adopted? Our Heavenly Father adopted us despite our problems or messy lives and gave us an everlasting love that is built on soul-searching truth. I could only hope that more couples like Justine and Seth would embark on the same journey – loving a child regardless of blood because we are adopted and united by the blood of Christ.

Welcome home, Briggs. You are so loved and to God be the glory.



Tschetter-1 Tschetter-2 Tschetter-3 Tschetter-4 Tschetter-5 Tschetter-6 Tschetter-7 Tschetter-8 Tschetter-9 Tschetter-10 Tschetter-12 Tschetter-13 Tschetter-18 Tschetter-19 Tschetter-20 Tschetter-21 Tschetter-22 Tschetter-23 Tschetter-24 Tschetter-25 Tschetter-26 Tschetter-15 Tschetter-28 Tschetter-29 Tschetter-30 Tschetter-31 Tschetter-32 Tschetter-33


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