Cully + Brandi || Craig Wedding || Grand Island, NE Photographer

October 19th, 2013. Brandi and Cully took a step towards one of the greatest and most rewarding commitments of all time. Knowing that Nebraska weather is unpredictable, Brandi and Cully, decided to have an October wedding at the beautiful Stuhr Museum and it paid off. My friends, this was an stunning location. The Craigs tied the knot in the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, which was built in 1888. Watching the doors swing open with light flooding in, Brandi made her entrance into the ceremony. Breath-taking.  This couple is very relaxed and I never saw a tense moment throughout the day. I will never forget such a joyous event and I know they won’t either. Thank you for allowing me to document such a significant occasion, Brandi and Cully, and may all glory be to God.


Craig-5 Craig-6 Craig-7 Craig-12 Craig-13 Craig-15 Craig-19 Craig-20 Craig-22 Craig-23 Craig-26 Craig-28 Craig-34 Craig-35 Craig-39 Craig-41 Craig-43 Craig-44 Craig-54 Craig-55 Craig-56 Craig-58 Craig-59 Craig-61 Craig-63 Craig-69 Craig-71 Craig-72 Craig-74 Craig-78 Craig-82 Craig-83 Craig-88 Craig-90 Craig-91 Craig-92 Craig-104 Craig-105 Craig-106 Craig-113 Craig-116 Craig-119 Craig-120 Craig-140 Craig-147 Craig-150 Craig-156 Craig-157 Craig-166 Craig-189 Craig-192 Craig-197 Craig-199 Craig-201 Craig-209 Craig-214 Craig-215 Craig-235 Craig-244 Craig-250 Craig-252 Craig-266 Craig-269 Craig-273 Craig-282 Craig-285 Craig-287 Craig-289 Craig-293 Craig-294 Craig-295 Craig-307 Craig-313


Photographer: Emily Daivdson Photography

Ceremony Location: Stuhr Museum: Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

Reception Location: Plum Street Station

Cake: HyVee

DJ and Videographer: Complete Music

Caterer: Whitefoot Catering


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