Ronne Cook || Kenesaw High School Senior || Nebraska Photography

I had the absolute pleasure working with Ronne Cook last Sunday. Ronne is a very bubbly girl that loves volleyball. I drove down to Kenesaw to find a very windy village. However, Ronne was fantastic and braved the wind to have one epic senior shoot. Thank you, Ronne, for allowing me to take your senior pictures. I couldn’t have asked for a better model! As always, may all glory be to God.


Ronne-2 Ronne-5 Ronne-7 Ronne-8 Ronne-9 Ronne-10 Ronne-11 Ronne-13 Ronne-15 Ronne-16 Ronne-17 Ronne-19 Ronne-20 Ronne-21 Ronne-24 Ronne-26 Ronne-28 Ronne-29 Ronne-34 Ronne-35 Ronne-36 Ronne-38 Ronne-41 Ronne-42 Ronne-43 Ronne-44 Ronne-46 Ronne-47 Ronne-49 Ronne-51 Ronne-53 Ronne-57 Ronne-63 Ronne-64 Ronne-69


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