Simon Wedding || J.R. + Kris || Kearney, NE Wedding Photographer

Kris and J.R.’s September wedding could not have been better. These two were blessed with beautiful weather and wonderful friends and family to share the day. Kris’s elegant champagne dress was stunning and J.R. looked dapper in his suit. My favorite part of the day was when Kris and J.R. left their ceremony in style by climbing into two blue Corvairs. Last but not least, their reception had a very inviting mood. The children took on the dance floor and brought excellent entertainment. Kris and J.R. had such a magnificent day. Thank you for allowing me to witness such a joyous occasion and may all glory be to God!


JK-1 JK-20 JK-19 JK-18 JK-17 JK-16 JK-12 JK-11 JK-10 JK-9 JK-8 JK-7 JK-6 JK-5 JK-4 JK-3 JK-2 JK-13 JK-21 JK-22 JK-23 JK-24 JK-25 JK-26 JK-27 JK-28 JK-29

JK-31 JK-32 JK-51 JK-50 JK-49 JK-48 JK-47 JK-46 JK-45 JK-44 JK-43 JK-42 JK-41 JK-40 JK-39 JK-38 JK-37 JK-36 JK-35 JK-34 JK-33


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