Christian Brumbaugh|| Kenesaw High School Senior || Nebraska Photography

My goodness, my senior shoot with Christian could not have gone any better! Christian’s mom, Christy was a teacher at my former elementary school and to meet up with her and her son was such a pleasure. Christian is a lover of guitars and cars. Typical guy. However, Christian has a neat story that goes along with his ’69 Torino. Christian and his dad are restoring this beauty which was originally Christian’s grandfather’s car. He bought it new for around $3000. I must say, I was very impressed. Last but not least, Christian has an amazing smile and is an easy model. I’ve said this plenty of times, but it’s true.  He was very polite and I can tell that his parents raised him right. Thank you for allowing me to spend the afternoon with you and may all glory be to God!


Christian-11 Christian-3Christian-29 Christian-27Christian-28 Christian-26

Christian-13 Christian-5 Christian-6Christian-12Christian-14 Christian-19 Christian-18 Christian-17 Christian-16 Christian-1Christian-7 Christian-10 Christian-9 Christian-8Christian-20Christian-21Christian-22 Christian-25 Christian-24 Christian-23


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