Mahundi Wedding || Alex + Kadi || Kearney, NE Wedding Photographer

Kadi and Alex Print

Wow. Usually I am not at lost for words but I can’t help but sum up Kadi and Alex’s wedding with “wow.” These two share such a God-honoring love that makes me want to dance around the room like I’m 13 again. Their first look was one of the most emotional first-looks for me to watch and their country feel wedding was a warm and inviting celebration. Kadi and Alex, thank you for allowing me to be involved in your big day. Standing by to see your love for God, each other, and children was a blessing to me that I will never forget. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Mahundi and may all glory be to God!

AK-3 AK-4 AK-5 AK-6 AK-7 AK-8 AK-9 AK-10 AK-11 AK-12 AK-13 AK-14 AK-15 AK-16 AK-17 AK-18 AK-19 AK-20 AK-21 AK-22 AK-23 AK-24 AK-25 AK-26 AK-27 AK-28 AK-29 AK-30 AK-31 AK-32 AK-33 AK-34 AK-35 AK-36 AK-37 AK-38 AK-39 AK-40 AK-41 AK-42 AK-43 AK-44 AK-45 AK-46 AK-47 AK-48 AK-49 AK-50 AK-51 AK-52 AK-53 AK-54 AK-55 AK-56 AK-57 AK-58 AK-59 AK-60 AK-61 AK-62 AK-63



Florist for Bride’s bouquet: Divas Floral Shop and Boutique

DJ – Dustin Meyers

Hair: New U

Make-up: Jacki Abraham


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