Keithan Dart || Senior ||Hastings, NE Photographer

Well, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Keithan on Saturday. Keithan is a hugger and even though you may not feel like a hug, you’re going to hug Keithan. Zach and I got to know Keithan through my former church’s youth retreat. This guy is so musically talented. Seriously. I’m so happy to know that he wants to pursue music after high school. Thanks for spending your Saturday night with me, Keithan, and may all glory be to God.


Keithan Dart

KD-4 KD-8 KD-14 KD-17 KD-24 KD-30 KD-31 KD-34

KD 3

KD 2 KD-55 KD-56 KD-51 KD-50 KD-48 KD-52 KD-58


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