|ENGAGED| Travis + Morgan | Kearney, NE Photography

Travis and Morgan 5

I met Travis in our English 102 class. We would chat before class and talk about Overflow and the assignments we had for that class. Little did I know I would have the wonderful opportunity to meet Morgan, his beautiful girlfriend (now fiancé) and take their engagement pictures. Travis likes to run. Let me rephrase that – Travis LOVES to run. While in school he ran for UNK’s Cross-country and track team. Morgan is a giggly young lady and is such an excellent person to talk to about life. I must say that out of all of the guys that I have photograph, hands down, Travis has the best smile. He’s not afraid to smile, actually very rarely do I see him not smile which makes it soooo much easier to photograph. One of the cutest things that we found on our engagement shoot was Travis and Morgan’s initials and the year they started dating carved into a tree. They never carved it themselves but it was such an awesome find and it was one of those things that kind of warmed my heart Congratulations, Travis and Morgan! You guys make such an adorable couple and to God be the glory.


Travis and Morgan 2 TMW-5TMW-7TMW-8 TMW-9 TMW-6 TMW-13 TMW-14 Travis and Morgan 7TMW-15 TMW-20Travis and Morgan 3 Travis and Morgan 4 Travis and MorganTravis and Morgan 6 TMW-17 TMW-19


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