|ENGAGED| Brandi + Cully | Kearney, NE Photography

Brandi emailed me a few months ago asking me to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. Though I didn’t know Brandi that well, I feel as though I could sit and chat with her for hours. She is such a beautiful young woman that has a passion to perhaps continue her education from being a nurse to becoming a midwife. Seeing Cully and Brandi together was such a blessing. They share a love that is so intimate. A stolen glance between the two of them or a giggle that appears in the middle of a pose is such a fantastic moment to watch. One thing that I particularly loved was Brandi and Cully’s love for the county fair. I could not have asked for a more beautiful night or couple. Congratulations, guys! I can’t wait for October 19th to be here. To God be the glory!


Brandi and Cully PrintREL-1 REL-5 REL-7 REL-8 REL-10 REL-11 REL-16 REL-17 REL-19 REL-23 REL-29 REL-33 REL-35 REL-36 REL-37 REL-40 REL-44REL-1REL-53 REL-54 REL-58 REL-61


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