Julie Gates || Photographer and Artist

Goodness. This suJG-1mmer has been both busy and beautiful. Between working a few jobs and catching a few photo shoots, I feel like my days are getting shorter. However, photography is my getaway, my breath of fresh air and recently I was privileged with the chance to take photos of one of my photography inspirations.

Julie Gates is a friend of mine that I met freshman year in Randall Hall. I always knew her as the “artsy one.” Seriously, this girl is so talented. When she picked up photography, her images stirred emotions in my heart. She would occasionally post a few photos and I would look at every single picture and then perhaps go through her album again to soak in every image. I know, I sound like a crazy stalker and perhaps I was/am, but this girl is great and she is absolutely dazzling in front of the lens.

Julie is beautiful, inside and out. She’s also adventurous. She really JG-41conveyed her daring personality during this shoot. As we were looking for a spot, she saw a sign – “NO TRESPASSING” and she gave me this little grin and a wild look in her eye. Yep, we went where we weren’t supposed to go. For me, I am rule-follower. Zach tells me this all the time. However, Julie, she takes risks. Even as we were shooting, she pulls out her 50mm and said that she took it apart so she could try something new. Basically, the 50 mm doesn’t work the same way anymore. Talk about risk. I have a hard time even letting Zach hold my camera in fear of it breaking. Thank you, Julie, for allowing me to take photos that portray your beauty and your gorgeous personality.

To see some of Julie’s work, check out here portfolio here: http://cargocollective.com/juliegatesphotography





JG-31 JG-5 JG-35 JG-2 JG-6 JG-37 JG-21 JG-24 JG-39 JG-17 JG-14 JG-13 JG-12 JG-9 JG-43 JG-7

Julie Spin 2


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