Gabo + Becky || Engaged


I met Becky and Gabo through our church youth group. Becky came into youth band she was so shy and quiet back then. But boy. This girl has a wonderful personality and when you pair it up with Gabo’s, you get this dynamic duo that is irresistible.  Becky and Gabo have been dating for 2 years and I have been blessed by seeing their love for each other and, more importantly, their love for Christ grow immensely. Just the giddiness that they both share is hard not to watch. This shoot never in a million years felt like “work.” These two were so fun to be around and laugh with. Oh, and Gabo might have broken my phone then saved it again. He may not be good with phones but for a guy, he’s excellent at taking pictures. Never once did I hear him complain about how many pictures we took.

Also, in a few pictures you’ll see Gabo and Becky’s love for soccer. Yes. Cue the Relient K song “The Best Thing.” – “we should get jerseys, ‘cause we make a good team. But yours would look better than mine cause you’re out of my league.” Congrats Becky and Gabo! May God continue to bless you through wedding preparation and marriage. Love you and to God be the glory.



Sneak-26 Sneak-27 Sneak-25 Sneak-30 Sneak-10 Sneak-31 Sneak-11 Sneak-12 Sneak-3 Sneak-32 Sneak-14 Sneak-16 Sneak-4 Sneak-19 Sneak-6 Sneak-20 Sneak-22 Sneak-23 Sneak-7 Sneak-8


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