My First Wedding as a Second Shooter

MT 3 logo Well friends, I finally did it. I shot my first wedding as a second shooter under the direction of Elise Lukow of Elise Lukow Photography. I was excited. I was nervous. I was exhausted.

I always knew weddings were long days and hard work, but I was not expecting to be on my feet ALL day and be aching for my bed. However, what I gained from this experience was more than I could ever dream of. I was able to watch Elise at work; to see her interacting with the client in such a personal way. Actually, I probably shouldn’t even use the word “client.” Elise interacted with the bride as a friend that she had known for the past four years. I always knew that she was a phenomenal photographer, I mean just look at her works of art! But I never knew how relational Elise was. This little tidbit that I saw made me realize why she is such a great photographer. She knows her craft and her “friends.” This philosophy or work ethic is something that I hope to master in the next few years. On another note, I’m shooting another wedding with Elise this Saturday… sooo excited! To God be the Glory.

Emily Davidson

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