Abbie and Matt: Finally Married

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One of my best friends got married on Saturday and I had the privileged to stand by her side throughout her day. Before Abbie and Matt got married I was able to take pictures of them and their new home and  they turned out sooo cute because they have a stinking tree house in their backyard! Before I post them though, here is the toast I made at the reception so you can truly understand how beautiful my friend really is.AM 20 logo (1 of 1)

If you don’t know Abbie, you’re missing out. I met Abbie freshman year on Randall Hall’s 2nd floor. It was there that we had several shower concerts, girls’ days, and numerous bra shopping trips to Target. She can light up any room that we walks into but her heart is what makes her stand out. See, if I were to create a definition of true friendship I would have Abbie’s picture there because she is the essence of true friendship. On some of my worst days I would look up and see Abbie standing there with a strawberry cream slush and a warm smile on her face. Also on one night, a person I loved broke my heart and without hesitation Abbie dropped everything and ran over to my dorm. It was there that she stayed with me, held my hand, and prayed with me throughout the evening. She was there and she is always there. This is why I know she will make a beautiful wife. There was never a doubt in my mind that Matt was the man created for Abbie. He knows the treasure that he holds and he will never take her for granted. To Matt and Abbie and may all glory be to God.

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