Talbott Brothers: Album Cover Shoot

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I had the honor of taking the Talbott Brothers’ pictures for their upcoming album, “The Road,” and this was a fun shoot. We drove out to Cottonmill and it was raining. Not a downpour but a nice sprinkle. However, this is probably the biggest blessing that came out of this shoot because the clouds really brought out some neat lighting.

If you ask me, the guys could be models for Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. I mean, if the music career doesn’t work they at least of a backup plan. They were so relaxed during the shoot and easy to work with.

TB 13 re-edit (1 of 1)I was also very grateful for Nick’s wife, Rudi, because she completely jumped into an assistant role by fixing the guys’ hair, posing them, and holding my reflector. I think I need to hire her.

Nick and Rudi are one of my favorite couples because they are so supportive of one another and they have this genuine madly-in-love look in their eyes. They even sang at Zach’s and my wedding because I could not imagine anyone else doing a better job.

Speaking of music… goodness, the first time I heard Nick’s voice, he melted my heart along with every other girl’s. When I heard Tyler and Nick together, my mouth dropped by the distinct harmonies that they could produce. They are authentic musicians by the raw talent they possess. So you could probably understand the excitement that I had when they announced that they were going to pursue music full time.TB 14 re-edit (1 of 1)

However, it’s not only their talent that makes them worthy of a massive music career. These guys are down to earth, humble. I know that I could count on them if I ever needed anything and they have this “Talbott Brother smile” when you’re talking to them that shows that they are not only listening, but they actually care about you have to say.

I cannot imagine how proud their parents are because of the talent they have AND the bond that they share. I think most parents cannot have a better dream than to have such close children that CHOOSE to live and work together.

I am so thankful Nick and Tyler allowed me to be involved in their album because they trusted me with such a strategic feel/look for their sound. Thanks for a great shoot, guys, and to God be the glory.


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If you would like to learn more about The Talbott Brothers, please check out their website:


or their Facebook page:


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