Mission Statement

My husband approached me this morning to asked me to help create a mission statement for our marriage and future family (no we are not pregnant). A few weeks ago, we sat in church and our pastor shared a mission statement that he and his family share. “Love God Always.”

So, when Zach approached me this morning I had one of those “awwwwe” moments where I thought about how lucky I was to have a husband that wants to serve Christ more and more each day. I hope I never take his selfless love for granted.

Anyways, we came up with the mission statement:

“To God Be the Glory.”Image

This statement is simple but in its simplicity, it is authentic. In everything we do in our marriage, school, and our jobs – we must give glory to God. He is the provider of the joy that we experience and He is there when hurt encumbers our lives. However, through all the joy and sorrow and the normal ebb and flow of this life, we must give glory to God because He is worthy.

Well, in this newly appointed mission statement, I would like to apply it to my photography project/business. When I made this mission statement with Zach, I did not simply think that it needs to be left at home. This proclamation will be the foundation of this project/hobby/business.

While I may not have a five point mission statement like other businesses have, I have one that means more to me than a bunch of large words to make me feel good about myself.

“To God Be the Glory.”

Emily Davidson


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