Penny Pinching Perfection

Where do you draw the line!?

Getting married these days can be stressful and money usually plays a gigantic role in the planning process. For many brides, they can’t afford lavish venues with 3 course meals, a photobooth, limo, a string quartet, AND an ice sculpture. So here’s my advice for all you budget savvy brides….. PRIORITIZE!

When I was getting married in July, I tossed and turned, flipped through endless bridal magazines, made several pin boards until I finally realized that I had to prioritize what was important for me on my big day. The number one thing on my list was that I was making the second biggest commitment of life (the first, my commitment to Christ). The second thing that I desperately wanted for my big day was great photography. I knew that I loved photography and look at pictures almost on a daily basis, so I wanted to splurge a little on a great photographer. That’s why I hired Erik O’Brien from Eco-Studios to take my wedding pictures.

The next important thing was my dress. I knew that I needed a WOW dress to look good in my great photos. Then, as I went down my list, I started to create a budget that was specific to my needs. I knew exactly what I wanted to allocate to each item… all the way down to the flower pedals that the flower girl threw.

And remember, it’s you and your husband’s day and by the end of that day, you’re going to be married. What could be any better?!Image

Emily Davidson


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