Oganizing Chaos

One thing that I learned while I was engaged was how to organize complete chaos. Who would have thought that one day – 24 hours could require so much planning?! One thing that discourages me when I attend weddings is the lack of organization. When people stand around and do not know what to do can look sloppy.

Though there are many things that need organizing, one of the things that I found the most helpful on the day of the wedding was the itinerary. Some may think that a schedule of the day can seem like going a little “too far” with planning, but trust me, it is incredibly important.

So here is how I started my itinerary. This is not the only way or the perfect way of doing it, but this how I started it.

My wedding ceremony started at 6pm and I wanted at least 3 hours of Photography and a one hour break before the ceremony. Knowing that these two elements were important to me, I planned around them.

Hair – Start at 10:30amRing WM (1 of 1)

Lunch – 11:30am

Make-up – 12:30pm

Travel to “First Look” Destination – 1:15pm

“First Look” and Bride&Groom Pictures – 1:30pm

Wedding Party Pictures – 2:30pm

Family Pictures – 3:30pm

Break (snacks) – 4:30pm – 6pm

Ceremony time – 6pm

Now, this may look like a lot of time in between family pictures and ceremony. However, I loved having that cushion time just in case there were little things that went wrong. For example, my husband’s family was not completely there by the time of family pictures which was okay! We had time to wait before the ceremony. Our photographer wanted to take more pictures of my husband and me inside the church and we had to time do this before guests came. Also, having time to relax will help ease nerves. You do not need to feel like cattle herded from one destination to the next.

Like I said, my way is not the only way to plan the day of your wedding but I highly suggest making your own itinerary for you and your bridesmaids, a different one of the groom and the groomsmen, and one for family, assistants, etc. This will help clear any confusion on where someone should be or where someone is.

Finally, I also highly suggest creating a mast list of names and numbers. This list included everything from my Maid of Honor, the caterers, the florist, the groom, best man, my assistant, my mom, his mom, the reception coordinator, the pastor, etc. It listed all important people and their phone numbers that made the day possible. This helped with communication and took stress off you, the bride. You can ask your assistant, mom, or maid of honor to call a person to confirm or ask questions. This is you and your husband’s day. Allow others to help you through it, that’s why they are there.

Take Care!

Emily Davidson


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